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Henna 'tattoos' have been a beautiful way of decorating the body (often for ceremonial reasons and for traditional weddings) for over 5000 years in countries of the Middle East, India, and northern Africa.

Henna designs are created on the skin using henna paste, (applied with a cone) and is made by mixing the green henna powder (made by crushing the leaves of the henna plant - lawsonia inermis) with lemon juice and drops of essential oils, and then left, often overnight, to 'release' the dye ready for applying. After application, the henna paste dries on your skin, is almost a black colour and starts to separate and fall off your skin. It's best to leave the hardened paste on for at least 35 mins (preferably for a couple of hours or more), and then can be removed, (rubbed off with an old towel, as it stains; or scraped off with a piece of card) to show your design underneath leaving you with a 'tattoo'! You need to be very careful that you don't smudge the design after application, before removal of the paste. The colour of the tattoos are orange at first and then darken over 1 - 2 days, to a shade of brown, and will be a darker brown colour on the hands, wrists, ankles and feet than other areas of the body.

Having henna done is relaxing, and calming. It feels refreshingly cool on the skin and is painless. The designs can be as small, or as large as you like - swirly floral patterns, traditional designs from around the world, dramatic geometric patterns, designs featuring animals, tribal or even spiritural, symbolic designs for women, men, boys and girls. There are a variety of designs to choose from or you can choose to have an original, unique design created by me, or your own custom designs can be applied (please supply a pic or a copy of reasonable size).

I only use natural Henna and ingredients that are safe on the body and can be applied as temporary tattoos for
individuals, special occasions, parties, weddings, events, corporate functions, markets and workshops!
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Additional info & pricing structure

More about our Henna Tattoos services including a general price guide, and details and information on my DIY Henna Kits and how to purchase them.

Designs Gallery

Please view the photos of some of my various designs, including many of them customised, uniquely for the customer.

I do not use 
“Black Henna”

So called 'Black Henna' is actually made by using additional products to make the henna tattoo look black ie: printers ink, charcoal 'dust' or even black hair dye, which is mixed in with the henna mixture, causing it to be toxic, with some people having severe reactions to the PPD in the 'black henna', which can cause burning, blistering, soreness, scars and illness.