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Childrens' Party Packages

We can offer childrens' Party Packages, specialising in the 4 - 14 years age group, customised to suit your requirements.

An example of what your child's Party Package could include is: temporary tattoos or body art; 2 children's craft activities (ie - making necklaces or bracelets, and a Foamie Visor decorating activity); and a disco with lighting and effects!

If you have a themed party planned eg: Pink & Purple, Pirates, Adventurers, Spring Garden Party, etc…, we’ll provide options and activities to suit and even dress up for the occasion.

We can customise a Party Package to suit what you'd like for your child's party to make it a fun and special time for all who attend!

The duration of the Party Package, could be from 1.5 hours - up to 3 hours. All equipment (including art/craft materials) will be supplied, however, we would require a sheltered area, and for you to provide adequate tables and chairs.

A 25% deposit is to be paid in advance at least 2 weeks before the party date. The deposit is refundable if you need to cancel and a fair reason is given, although cancellation fees will apply to bookings cancelled within a few days of the pre-booked party date.  Please contact us to discuss options, so we can give you a fair quote.

Your party or event can also be enhanced by our Karaoke and DJ disco services, complete with special effects lighting!

As well as these services, if you would like solo, duet or a small group of entertainers/performers (singers, guitarists, percussionists) to entertain at your venue, club, restaurant or function, playing a variety of music instruments and styles - including: from the 50's up to the current chart hits, original songs/rhythms, and world music and beats (ie - South American, African, Arabic), then please contact us.

We can also offer music, drumming and percussion workshops of 1.5 - 2 hour duration to community groups, non profit/charity organisations (where a discount will apply), schools or for public events - for groups of 4 or more participants. For more information and enquiries please contact us.

Entertainers, Performers and Musicians
Drumming Workshops