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Temporary Tattoos

Colourful, water resistant, temporary tattoos that are drawn on your body using suitable art pens (safe and non-toxic) in a choice of colours, metallics and glitters, can last a couple of days (looks almost like a real ones!). These temp tattoos can be removed by washing them off the skin using a quality soap.

They are ideal for children’s parties, family events, fancy dress parties and themed events; or for those who’d like to see what a tattoo would look like on your body before paying for a permanent tattoo.  I can copy a design of your choice (just making slight alterations if the design is owned to avoid copyright issues), your own design or create a design for you.  Please scroll down to the bottom of page for pricing options.

Body art, including temp tattoos adds something special

to, not only children's parties and children's events, but also to

corporate functions and themed events, performances, sport events,

fashion parades, fancy dress parties, festivals, markets and for special occasions!

Temporary Pre-designed Ink Tattoos

We can also apply (with a water soaked sponge) quality pre-designed temp tattoos that look realistic and come in an assortment of designs, colours (incl. gold, silver) and sizes; and will last up to 6 days. These need to be removed using an alcohol based solution or baby oil and I'll supply medi swabs (for individuals/party guests) to remove the ink. These are quick to apply and are ideal for individuals wanting something special for an occasion, fancy dress/themed parties; corporate events, and are ideal for children’s parties too!.


For parties, events and festivals - we charge $65 per hour, and discounted to $60 after the first 3 consecutive hours per day.  A discounted price will also apply for charities and non profit organisations for 2 or more hours duration of applying temp tattoos.

Also, if you'd like us as a stall holder for your event or markets, then please contact me .

The designs shown are not the actual size of these tattoos,
And are a sample of what can be available.