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Looking for a one-off henna design for a special event, or wanting to try a henna tattoo in the design of your choice before deciding to have a permanent tattoo of that same design? I have a large assortment of designs of various sizes you can choose from, OR I can create an exquisite henna design for you, OR I can copy your own designs or copy (making a few changes so I don’t infringe on copyright designs) a design that you have found and particularly like, and please provide a pic of the design of reasonable size and resolution.

I can apply your henna design(s) (and for a couple of friends or family members during the same appointment) in the comfort of your own home or at the residence where your party or special occasion will be, and I’ll be happy to photograph your special design(s) after it's application and email it to you complimentary, so you have a 'keep sake' of your henna tattoo long after it has faded. A small fee may apply for travel costs.

Prices will vary for individual tattoos (starting at $10.00 for a small - medium, designed tattoo, up to 6 cm x 6 cm) and the more intricate the design, the more time it will take to apply the design and therefore will cost more. Please contact me for a customised quote.

I’m available Tues, Thurs, Fri and occasional Saturdays or Sundays from 10 am - 7 pm.


I’ll supply everything we need to apply the henna tattoos and I’ll even dress up for the occasion (ie: Bollywood theme, Arabic theme, Gypsy theme, etc…) and can provide Bindis (placed on the forehead) at a small additional fee for those Bollywood parties!  All you’d need to supply is a small table, somewhere comfy to sit (with chairs/cushions) and a well lit area/table lamp for night time parties.

My hourly rate is $65 - daylight hours up to 7 pm; and $70 - night rate (after 7 pm).  I can also be available up to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and occasionally,  on a Sunday during the day if requested and if enough time given in advance, and both Saturday and Sundays’ hourly rate is $70.

The minimum time for me to apply henna tattoos for a party is 1.5 hours. An added fee to cover travel costs may apply.

For BRIDAL HENNA PARTIES - please allow 4 - 6 hours to apply the henna designs to the Bride (depending on how many and how intricate they are). The designs can be customised to suit what the Bride would like, and the cost per hour would be discounted to $45., and I don't charge extra for transport costs within the Perth and the Metro area (or suburbs); however, an additional fee will apply if you live in the outer suburbs* of Perth ie: Butler, Swan Valley, Mundaring, Mandurah. Please contact me for more info or to make a booking.  


Ideal for something different and exotic!  I can apply approx. 15-20 small sz designs (up to 6 cm x 6 cm, or simple, small hand designs including a 1 finger design) on average per hour; and dress-up to suit any theme for your event (eg: Arabian, Bollywood, Egyptian, Gypsy, Sideshow).

If you require another henna artist as well as myself, I can arrange that for you. All I require is a small table (trestle table for 2 artists or 2 small ones), 4  - 6 chairs, and a shady, sheltered area (from sun, wind or rain). Please contact me to make a booking.

My hourly rate is $65 - daylight hours, and $70 - night rate (after 6 pm).  I can also be available up to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and I can be available on a Sunday during the day if requested and enough time is given in advance, and Sundays’ hourly rate is $70. Additional costs to cover travel may apply. Discounted rates will also apply for charity and non-profit events.

The minimum time for me to apply henna tattoos is 2 hours. After 3 consecutive hours, a discounted rate will apply for additional hours.


We also have gift vouchers available, (valid for 3 months from date of purchase) which are ideal if you'd like to give someone special the opportunity to receive 1 or more beautiful henna tattoos, in their choice of designs, and choice of where on the body they'd like to have the henna applied - all in the comfort of their own home or in my Henna Studio.
contact me for more details and how to purchase one.


Create your own henna masterpieces at home for just $20 per complete kit (pick up) or $27 (to post).

Kits have enough ingredients to make henna paste for 12 or more medium sized designs. Henna goes a long way!

If you would like a kit, please contact me, and we'll make arrangements for your purchase and delivery or pick-up.

Postage is only to Australian addresses.

Your Kit comes in a pretty organza bag (perfect for a gift), and contains everything you need to create your own henna tattoos including:

●  Fresh Henna Powder (50g)         

●  Eucalyptus/tea tree oil (20 ml), and lemon juice (100 ml)

●  3 Henna Cones (for application)

●  1 Snap-lock bag (for applying paste into the cone and/or for storage)

●  Small size card for scraping the dried henna paste off the skin

●  Designs (a variety), information, instructions and care sheets