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Welcome to Claire's Creative Arts Site!

Claire’s Creative Arts can provide various services including:  applying henna tattoos and other temporary tattoos; body art services; art/craft services and percussion workshops for children, teens and adults; and even an MC, and various entertainment options including live music for special occasions, parties, festivals, and events, to suit your needs at reasonable prices!

About the Artist ~

Hi, I am Claire and one of those creative people who, apart from having made a living being a performer, singer/guitarist and percussionist, luv to design and create original artworks within various art and craft mediums or forms, including photography. I have also worked as a freelance signwriter and artist over the years; been involved in various Folk and Music Festivals in Southern QLD., N.S.W., and W.A. (performing, and volunteering/assisting within the Children's Activities Marquees/areas); as well as facilitating and assisting in community art and music projects on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and townships of Western Australia, including Karratha, and Perth City and it's Metro area (where I've been living for the past 20 or so years. I have also facilitated and been a Musical Director for the Sambanistas - a Community Percussion Group based in Perth. and have been facilitating a Music & Movement/Dance Program for disabled participants for Melville Cares as part of their Recreational & Respite activities for over 17 years. After acquiring Henna Magic - a reputable henna tattoos and henna kits business, I started my own hobby business, Claire’s Creative Arts in November 2006. Even though we’re based in Cannington, Perth suburbia, we are willing to travel throughout WA or intrastate for any event where our services can be offered, at a reasonable cost.

About our Services ~

Please browse through my pages (as titled above) for more info and images regarding Henna tattoos, temporary tattoos, body art and the various art, craft and entertainment services we can offer. We are also insured (public liability) and members of Duck For Cover Entertainers Group Inc.
If you'd like to either copy or utilize any of my designs for your own use (not comercial use), I would appreciate it if you could please include a link to my site (on your web site) with just a brief description, as a token of thanks and acknowledgement. If you are a working Henna artist/tattoo artist and would like to copy any of the Henna designs shown or add to your own designs, you can avoid copyright issues by changing some of the artwork to give the design your own personalized look.

Photo Gallery

Please view some of my past artworks and designs I’ve created over the years, that aren't shown elsewhere on the site.


This page displays recent art projects that I've created, as well as original artworks, including acrylic paintings, digital artworks and photograpic art images that are for sale, (most of which can be customised), and how to purchase them.

Specials & Free Extras!

For current specials and offers, as well as monthly art activity sheets (complete with instructions) that you can download or print for the children to do.

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