I created the Summer Beach theme back drop and stage props (mostly painting with acrylic paints and adding collage elements) for the Music & Movement Program for Pathways To Abilities, Melvilles Cares for their public concert, held on 28 Nov, 2019.

This Gallery features various artworks that are available for purchase, under the headings of - Acrylic Paintings, Photographic Artworks, and Digital Artworks. Just click or tap the thumbnails to display the larger images (not their actual size, which are larger).
All of the Photographic and Digital Artworks shown, do not have prices advertised, as pricing will vary depending on size requested. They can also be customised - including applying different colour choices to how they appear in the gallery, adding various textures to the artworks, adding digital frames, varying the style of the artwork itself (eg a watercolour look, impressionism, ink or sketch style, etc); and can be in various print sizes, including poster sizes (A2,42 cm x 60 cm, 16" x 20",etc).

If you are interested in purchasing any of my artworks or would like me to create an artwork, uniquely for you involving your ideas (even from one of your photos), then please email me, Claire -, or phone me: 0409 040407 for more info or to elaborate further, with what you would like, and I'll then be able to give you a reasonable quote and time period that it would take for the artwork to be ready either for collection (as a print; on a framed, stretched canvas; in a frame; or received as a JPEG/TIFF/PNG or PDF file(s) on a USB thumbdrive; or the artwork image file (150 - 300 dpi resolution) can be emailed to you for a much cheaper price, for you to have it printed when you are ready.

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Acrylic Paintings

Photographic Artworks

Digital Artworks